Part of her wishes that she had taken them up on the offer, but until Ron meets her eyes again she'll keep her distance. She walked back up to. The panties were similar, missing the most important parts —so that she could be fucked in either hole without even having to take them off. She'd taken pains to. Fantasies are a normal and healthy part of our sexuality. They are either taken from past experiences or may even be entirely imaginary.


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BekkaChaos Draco and Hermione are two sides of a coin that have been separated by bad luck and troubled times. After returning to their final year of Hogwarts, post The Great War, can they find one another?

Or taken forbidden fantasy Draco's tortured soul and his subconscious determination to prevent himself from finding happiness be too much for their love taken forbidden fantasy bear?

He was so confident and demanding with the other students, strong and cocky, with that touch of arrogance that was just electrifying.

Taken (Forbidden Fantasy) eBook: Cathleen Ross: : Kindle Store

So now she sits in her mid-year exams, in all of which she will earn top marks, and he sits three rows ahead and two seats to the right. His blonde hair slicked back so smoothly and it catches the candle light so willingly, the muscles in his neck tensed as his mind ticked away.

She sighs and returns to her parchment as she finishes her exam and then waited for the hourglass to empty. This was her last exam before the Christmas break, she wasn't leaving for home this year; her parents were away in Switzerland so taken forbidden fantasy was to stay at the school.

Aurors had managed to restore their memories after the battle at the school. She had been invited to Ron's house with Harry and the rest of the family, but she wanted to stay at the school to study further for her NEWTS next year, after all she wanted to do the best she could.

She and Ron had not lasted long, they just seemed to taken forbidden fantasy out, as did Harry and Ginny.


She wasn't taken forbidden fantasy sure why but after all of the events of taken forbidden fantasy year things just weren't the same. Though they all decided to return to the school, Harry and a number of other students who fought have already gained entry to the auror program with the ministry.

She was still planning what to do when she finished her final year. The hourglass reached the last few inches and drained quickly.

As the students began to file out of the room she watched as a blur of blonde hair and black robes leave his seat and move out of sight.

She sighed again; he was never taken forbidden fantasy to look at her the way she looked at him. The only way he would ever acknowledge her was in her fantasies.

He asked her to see taken forbidden fantasy off at the train and she agreed. There'll be plenty of food I'm sure, knowing mum. It's only a few weeks anyway. Hermione watched the train pull out of the station and looked down at her feet.

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Part of her wishes that she taken forbidden fantasy taken them up on the offer, but until Ron meets her eyes again she'll keep her distance. She walked back up to the castle and headed to the library, the books have always been loyal companions.

She stroked the spines of the books on the giant shelves that have been collecting dust for months, it's a wonder they were able to restore it to its former glory after the battle. And to think, these glorious old titles haven't been given a double look since the restoration. Hermione was about to pull one off the shelves when she saw him go past, taken forbidden fantasy blonde hair a blur as he walked quickly towards the restricted section.

Hermione watched him enter and disappear from view behind the shelves and thought to herself, I could be rebellious, maybe a taken forbidden fantasy in the restricted section would … aid my study. She rolled her eyes at the failed attempt at sounding mischievous.

She checked to see if the librarian was watching and walked into the restricted section. It had been many a while since she had been in the restricted section.

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