: The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas (Five Volumes) : Thomas Aquinas, Fathers of the English Dominican Provinc. St. Thomas Aquinas, The “Summa Theologica” of St. Thomas Aquinas. Part I. Literally translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province. Second and. The principal work of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Summa Theologica is divided into three parts and is designed to instruct both beginners and.


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Students of philosophy, therefore, not a few, giving their minds lately to the task of setting philosophy on a surer footing, have done their utmost, and are doing their utmost, to restore to its place the glorious teaching of Thomas Aquinas, and to win for it again its former renown.

That many of your order, Venerable Brothers, are with like will following promptly and cheerfully in the same path, We know to the great gladness of Our heart.

While We praise these much, We exhort them to go on in the way that they have begun. To the rest of you, one by one, We give this word of summa theologica thomas aquinas Our reasons for wishing this so earnestly as We do are many.

First, in our times, the Christian Faith is commonly Edition: All young men, therefore, and especially those who are growing up as the hope of the Church, ought to be fed with healthful and strong food of doctrine. To heal these men of their unbelief, and to bring them to grace and the Catholic Faith, We think that nothing, after the supernatural help of God, can be more useful in these days than the solid doctrine of the Fathers and the Scholastics.

They teach firm foundations of Faith, its Divine origin, its certain truth, the arguments by which it is commended to men, the benefits that summa theologica thomas aquinas has conferred on the human race, and its perfect harmony with reason.

They teach all such truths with a weight of evidence and a force that may well persuade even minds unwilling and hostile in the highest degree.

The “Summa Theologica” of St. Thomas Aquinas. Part I. 10 vols. - Online Library of Liberty

Again, we all see the great dangers which threaten family life, and even civil society itself, because of the pestilence of perverse opinions.

Truly all civil society would be much more tranquil and much safer if healthier teaching were given in universities and schools; a doctrine more in unison with the perpetual teaching office magisterium of the Church, such as is contained in the volumes of Thomas Aquinas. summa theologica thomas aquinas

He disputes about the true nature of liberty, which, in these days, is passing into summa theologica thomas aquinas about the Divine origin of all authority; about laws and their binding force; about the paternal and just government of sovereign princes, with our obedience to higher powers, and the common love that should be among all.

The words of Thomas about these things, and others of a like nature, have Edition: Lastly, from the restoration of philosophical teaching as it has been set forth by Us, all human sciences ought to gather hope of improvement, and the promise of a very great safeguard.

For from philosophy, as from a guiding wisdom, the beneficent arts have hitherto derived a healthy method and a right measure. They have, moreover, drunk a vital spirit from it as from a common fountain of life.

It is proved by fact and constant experience that the liberal arts summa theologica thomas aquinas been most flourishing when the honour of philosophy has stood inviolate, and when its judgment has been held for wisdom: Hence, also, the physical sciences, which now are held in so much repute, and everywhere summa theologica thomas aquinas to themselves a singular admiration, because of the many wonderful discoveries made in them, would not only take no harm from a restoration of the philosophy of the ancients, but would derive great protection from it.


For the fruitful exercise and increase of these sciences it is not enough that we consider facts and contemplate Nature. When the facts are well known we must rise higher, and give our thoughts with great care to understanding the nature of corporeal things, as well as to the investigation of the laws which they obey, and of the principles from which spring their order, their unity in variety, and their common likeness in diversity.

summa theologica thomas aquinas

Summa theologiae

It is marvellous what power and light and help are given to these investigations by Scholastic philosophy, if it be wisely used.

On this point it is well to call one thing to your minds.

It is only by the highest injustice that any jealousy of the progress and increase of natural sciences is laid, as a fault, at the door of that philosophy.

When the Scholastics, following the summa theologica thomas aquinas of the Holy Fathers, everywhere taught throughout Edition: Indeed, they themselves prove this by their works.