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Design and Fabrication of a Stair Climbing Hand Truck

The vehicle is designed in such a way that it can climb a stepped path like stairs with its modified wheel structure. Not only on the stairs, it also move with load over flat or rocky surface.

This is the individuality of this vehicle. Wheeled rollers are the optimal solutions for well structured environment like roads or habitations.

But off-the road, their efficiency stair climbing hand truck very dependent on the typical size of encountered obstacles that have to be overcome in a standard motion mode.

This is the case for [ 13 - 15 ], which can typically overcome obstacles of their wheel size, if friction is high enough. Adding real climbing abilities to a wheeled rover requires the use of a special strategy and often stair climbing hand truck dedicated actuators like [ 1617 ] or complex control procedure like [ 1819 ].

An Even Better Design for a Stair-Climbing Handtruck

Stair climbing hand truck the designing process the main focus was given to design its wheel, and design of size of frame especially for the stair. Normal circular wheel is attached here with nuts and bolts to the frame which guides the set of three wheels are getting power from the manual pulling effort.

First straight arm wheel frame figure 1 was designed, which finally replaced by the wheel frame shown in the figure 2. Initial design of Roller based wheel arrangement and wheel frame Figure 2: Modified wheel frame Design and Modification In this project, the final stair climbing hand truck was an outcome of a sequential analysis and modification of stages which had been started with a simple roller based design.

To attain higher efficiency and greater stability the more focus is concentrated on the design of frame and strength of wheels A.

Modification of roller which only rolls over flat surface to the rollers which can climb the stairs In the initial design, each single or double wheel set on either side is only capable of moving any vehicle on flat surface, but further study on same stair climbing hand truck helps us to carry any goods on vehicle on stepped surface strairs.

Material Handling | Forklifts | Stair Climbing Hand Truck | Gantry

In this concept we attached set of three wheels on either side of vehicle rather than single or double wheel. Modification of straight to curved wheel frame The straight wheel frame shown in the figure 1 takes more thrust to tilt the wheel frame to engage next planetary wheel. Stair climbing hand truck length of each arm is high and thus creates vibration and the vehicle would be unstable.

In the present design, the wheel frame was made curve so that the front surface of stair climbing hand truck arm could not collide with the edge of the stair.

UpCart Lift – The Stair Climbing Hand Truck Of Your Dreams

The optimization of the curvature was done to eliminate above problem. The curve wheel frame figure 2 also requires less power to tilt compare to straight frame figure 1.

Modified final design In the first design, the power transmission to the sigle or doble wheel trolley is useless to climb the stairs due to height factor of stairs stair climbing hand truck huge obstracle on the way of vehicle.

For these reason, thre wheel set on each side of vehicle attached with frame was introduced to provide smooth power transmission in order to stair climbing hand truck stairs without obstracles.

Stair Hand Truck

Enter stair climbing hand truck caption optional Clark goes on to write "I, a petite woman, am able to get multiple reams of paper up a set of stairs using this thing! Straight to you every other week. Built for maximum productivity with durable dual-layer rubber tires, large easy-to-hold grips, and an adjustable 4-position handle.

Patented technology allows this cart to fold completely flat to less than 5 inches for convenient storage in your vehicle or closet.

Escalera StairCat Stair Climbing Hand Trucks and Forklifts - Home Page

The innovative UpCart Lift is the first hand truck to offer an all-terrain stair climbing chassis that can haul bigger loads and fold completely flat in seconds! A Powerhouse of a Hand Truck. Check also the entire body of the electric truck to determine stair climbing hand truck damages that could affect work.

Test the controls if they are working as commanded.


Test the Hand Truck Always test the hand truck before you load all the cargo. Be sure that it is stair climbing hand truck properly to avoid problems later on. Try to move it forward and backward and get see if it is balanced.

Place the items following the low center gravity.