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It must be noted that the word "Pero" means feather and the names of mountains and cities could refer to poultry.

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These names today mostly represent mountain tops, but in medieval times, large oaks, sacred groves and even entire villages or citadels were named Perun. Among South Slavs, a mountain plant Iris germanica is known in folklore as perunika "Perun's plant" and sometimes also as bogisha, "god's plant"santia weden von perun was believed to grow from ground that had been struck by lightning.


Also the Serbian surname Peruni? Perunovski are derived from Perun. The Bulgarian people believe that the name of city Pernik is thought to have originated from that of Slavic god Perun with the Slavic placename suffix -nik or -ik added, and was first mentioned in the 9th century.

Santia weden von perun medieval town was a key Bulgarian stronghold during Bulgarian tsar Samuil's santia weden von perun against the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century, when it was governed by the local noble Krakra of Pernikwithstanding Byzantine sieges a number of times.

Etymology Perun is strongly correlated with the near-identical Perk?

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The Lithuanian word "Perk? Artifacts, traditions and toponyms show the presence of the cult of Perun among all SlavicBaltic and Ugro-Finnic peoples.

Perun was also related to an archaic form of astronomy - the Pole star was called Perun's eye and countless Slavic and Hungarian astronomers continued this tradition - most known ones are Nicolaus Copernicusand Franz Xaver von Zach.

Myth In Slavic mythology, much like in Norse and Baltic mythologies, the world was represented by a sacred treeusually an oak, whose branches and trunk represented the living world of heavens and mortals, whilst its roots represented the underworld, i. Perun was the ruler of the living world, sky and earth, and was often santia weden von perun by an eagle sitting on the santia weden von perun of the tallest branch of the sacred tree, from which he kept watch over the entire world.

Deep santia weden von perun in the roots of the tree was the place of his opponent, symbolised by a serpent or a dragon: Perun pursued Veles around the earth, attacking him with his lightning bolts from the sky.

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Veles fled from him by transforming himself into various animals, or hiding behind trees, houses, or people; wherever a lightning bolt struck, it was believed that this was because Veles hid from Perun under or behind that particular place.

In the end, Perun managed to kill Veles, or to santia weden von perun him back down into his watery underworld. The supreme god thus reestablished order in the world, which had been disrupted by his chaotic enemy.

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He then returned to the top of the World tree and proudly informed his opponent down in the roots "Well, there is your place, remain there! This line santia weden von perun from a Belarusian folk tale. To the Slavs, the mythological symbolism of a supreme heavenly god who battles with his underworldly enemy through storms and thunder was extremely significant, and from Perun and Veles, this idea of cosmic battle was passed onto God and the Devil following Christianization.

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While the exact pantheon characterization differed between the various Slavic tribes, Perun is generally believed to have been considered as the supreme god by the majority, or perhaps by nearly all Slavs, at least towards the end of Slavic paganism.

The earliest supreme god was probably Rod ; it is unclear precisely how and why his worship as the head of the pantheon santia weden von perun into the worship of Perun.

Another candidate for supreme deity among at least some Slavs is Svarog. Perun's lightning bolts were believed to be stones and stone arrows.

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According to folk beliefs, fulguritesbelemnitesand sometimes even the remains of prehistoric stone tools found in the ground are remains of these weapons.

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