The Lord [Romano Guardini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Please join our Book Club as we read one of the great treasures of Catholic thought – The Lord, by Romano Guardini. Following are the. I had planned to read The Lord for my Lenten reading. But when Lent had come and gone and I had read maybe thirty or thirty-five pages.


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The Lord by Romano Guardini

It is not a book that you can sit down and read in a couple of days and you must allow a couple of weeks because you will need to reflect on the chapters which are short and perhaps have a copy of the New Testament handy to review either before or after reading particular chapters.

I did not find the writing style romano guardini the lord but it was written by both a great thinker and one romano guardini the lord loves the Lord I use the present tense even though the author is now deceased but I know he is in the presence of God and deeply in love with Jesus.


There were moments of great epiphany for me romano guardini the lord I read this book. I am not a "bible thumper" nor a religious zealot but an ordinary man searching for understanding and for answers for my existence and my relationship to God.

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Consequently there were new understandings of old stuff, and new stuff that I found very revealing. Synopsis[ edit ] In The Lord, Guardini wishes to present a correct understanding of Jesus by writing about his life and person, with all the limitations which the subject necessarily imposes.

Although Christ lived in a specific historical milieu, romano guardini the lord though knowledge of the forces at work in it furthers an understanding of him, Guardini states that a biography of Christ is practicable only within the narrowest confines.


It is equally impossible to motivate the unwinding of Christ's destiny or the manner in which he accomplished his designated mission, for the ultimate romano guardini the lord - Guardini states - are to be found only in that impenetrable territory which Jesus calls "my Father's will" — territory forever beyond the reach of history.

So Guardini ponders such words as "And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and grace before God and men" Luke 2: But the reason romano guardini the lord took six months to read this book is the fact that Guardini has written a masterpiece.

One which must be read with both deliberation and imagination. The precision and lyrical nature of his prose demands it.

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Of the countless points made new by my slow ponderous read of this book, one echoes: The Scandal of the Cross. Throughout his astonishing book, Guardini explains patiently and persistently that the belief that Romano guardini the lord was born to die on the cross is far from the truth.

That phrase, scandal of the cross was well-known up through the middle ages.