Red Nails. Robert E. HOWARD ( - ). Conan the Cimmerian pursues the beautiful and deadly pirate Valeria after she kills a Stygian. Red Nails (version 2). Robert E. HOWARD ( - ). Conan the Barbarian finds himself lusting after and fighting alongside the toughest. Today we're posting our discussion about the final one, “Red Nails.” We hope you'll join in. Bill: “Red Nails” is the last Conan story Robert E.


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Soundlessly in her soft leather boots she glided through it, crept across the balcony and peered down between the heavy balustrades.

A man was stealing along the hall. The sight of a human being in this supposedly deserted city robert e howard red nails a startling shock.

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Crouching down behind the stone balusters, with every nerve tingling, Valeria glared down at robert e howard red nails stealthy figure. The man in no way resembled the figures depicted on the friezes. He was slightly above middle height, very dark, though not Negroid. He was naked but for a scanty silk clout that only partly covered his muscular hips, and a leather girdle, a hand's breadth broad, about his lean waist.

His long black hair hung in lank strands about his shoulders, giving him robert e howard red nails wild appearance. He was gaunt, but knots and cords of muscles stood out on his arms and legs, without that fleshy padding that presents a pleasing symmetry of contour.

He was built with an economy that was almost repellent. Yet it was not so much his physical appearance as his attitude that impressed the woman who watched him. He slunk along, stooped in a semi-crouch, his head turning from side to side.

Conan Re-Read: “Red Nails”

He grasped a wide-tipped blade in his right hand and she saw it shake with the intensity of the emotion that gripped him. He was afraid, trembling in the grip of some dire terror.


When he turned his head she caught the blaze of wild eyes among the lank strands of black hair. He did not see robert e howard red nails. On tiptoe he glided across the hall and vanished through an open door.

A moment later she heard a choking cry, and then silence fell again. Consumed with curiosity, Valeria glided along the gallery until she came to a door above the one through which the man had passed.

Red Nails: Robert E Howard: : Books

It opened into another, smaller gallery that encircled a large chamber. This chamber was on the third floor, and its ceiling was not so high as that of the hall.

It was lighted only by the fire-stones, and their weird green glow left the spaces under the balcony in shadows. The man she had seen was still in the chamber. He lay face down on a dark crimson carpet in the middle of the room.

His body was limp, his arms spread wide. His curved sword lay near him. She wondered why he should lie there so motionless.

Then her eyes narrowed as she stared down at the rug on which he lay. Beneath and about him the robert e howard red nails showed a slightly different color, a deeper, brighter crimson.


Shivering slightly, she crouched down closer behind the balustrade, intently scanning the shadows under the overhanging gallery. They gave up no secret. Suddenly another figure entered the grim drama.

Red Nails (version 2)

robert e howard red nails He was a man similar to the first, and he came in by a door opposite that which gave upon the hall. His eyes glared at the sight of the man on the floor, and he spoke something in a staccato voice that sounded like "Chicmec!

The man stepped quickly across the floor, bent, gripped the fallen man's shoulder and turned him over.