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The editor called me after receiving them and this is the conversation randy gage manifesto ensued: How many of them do you want to include? I replied that was perfect, since I had actually written a rock opera, not a book.


And to John Wiley and Sons credit, they did allow me to do these experimental things, which was a big reason the book became a bestseller randy gage manifesto is now in 11 languages and randy gage manifesto. Are you dumbing down your work to reach the lowest common denominator?

Or are you pushing the envelope, taking risks, and going for amazing? You break the rules because you know that doing so will allow you to create something ThermoFuckingNuclear.

Another favorite of mine from the film festival was a feature titled, Blind Detective from off-the-chain director Johnnie To.

To is from the Hong Kong genre of filming where every reel is its own vignette. This film breaks a lot or rules, mixing mystery, randy gage manifesto drama and comedy — with a little suicide, cannibalism and eating lots and lots of eating thrown in.

Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs by Randy Gage

The end result is simply delightful. Likewise with Confession of Murdera thriller from Korean director Jeong Byeong-Gil that has an ending you never see coming and hit randy gage manifesto on a deep emotional level.

In fact, the only thing keeping me from rating this the number one series of all time was the final episode. I actually randy gage manifesto back tears at that last scene. All of the main characters except Ecko, Michael and Walt, that is.

So apparently living on the island is a lot like living in South Central LA: The whites and Koreans make out okay, and the Black people get screwed. For creative works like film and television or advertising, song composing, and operathe writing is the engine that drives the train.

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Randy gage manifesto Piven is an acting savant, and he created one of the most iconic characters in television history with Ari Gold. Your B-level sitcom stars, your reality TV writers.

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And it also exposes the lazy, formulaic techniques too many filmmakers fall back on. At least randy gage manifesto or four times, directors resorted to bathroom humor for comedic relief.

And in almost every case I thought it was unnecessary, or if necessary, executed lazily.

That rule for comedic relief is there to be broken like every other rule. Randy gage manifesto a plot line is so serious, it should stay serious. And if you are going to employ comedic relief, at randy gage manifesto do something original, not lazy.

Shows like O and Mystere or books like The Hobbit, DUNE and Harry Potter come about only when you are willing to begin with a blank canvas, forgo all conventions, and break lots of rules.

AMAZING. The Manifesto

Take Cirque and the whole concept of Vegas shows, which provide us lots more lessons in creative genius. Since the very beginning of Vegas, the rules were set in stone: Every show in every casino followed the same formula: Have chorus lines of bare-breasted dancing girls with feathers and break it up with a magic act.

Then Steve Wynna card-carrying entrepreneurial artist if ever randy gage manifesto was one, had a vision… He was building a new casino The Mirage off the Las Vegas strip.

In fact, he actually had a vision to re-create the whole strip. Wynn saw the potential in Siegfried and Roy to do a randy gage manifesto new kind of show.

He offered to build them their own theater, if they could create a whole new experience, leaving the tired old show formula behind.