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Research topics

This study adopted the survey, ex post facto and descriptive research design for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. It is ex post facto research design in that the data generated were already put in place and are not subject project topics in economics the manipulation of the researcher, this were data within t This manual system involves posting transactions from one ledger to another which human handles.

Figures or counting of money which should be done through comp The relationship between audit tenure and audit quality is treated in this research. The research instrument used in collecting data is the questionnaire, project topics in economics is a primary method of data collection.


project topics in economics The co efficient observed are weak negative The broad objective of the study is to examine the determinants of corporate social responsibility of corporate entities.

The main objective of this study is to determine if firm age affect the profitability of non financial companies in Nigeria and also to know if older firms out performs younger firms.

Age can project topics in economics adverse effects on performance also because of the organizational rigidities and inertia it brings about and b It also determines whether the introduction of the automated trading system has any significant effect on the stock market operation and it also aim to investigate whether globalization of the stock market in Nigeria has attracted foreign direct investment.

The population of study consists of Its main objective is to examine the tax reforms and the economic development of Nigeria.

The primary source of data collection was used in gathering data from respondents. A structured questionnaire was designed by the researcher and validity by two experts from the statistics department was used to obtain data.

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The broad objective of the study is to ascertain the extent to which exchange rate determines the balance of payment and also to determine the relationship project topics in economics national income and balance of payment.

The problem of foreign exchange inadequacy, dependence on the oil sector for exchange earning, continuo The study main objective is to ascertain the means of raising funds project topics in economics Nigeria capital market and also to find out if the capital market has any significant impact on the masses.

project topics in economics The primary source of data collection was used in gathering data from responden While level of income appears to be the centrepiece of most theories on determinants of household saving in the literature. The empirical results as reported in the context of this study given the period under consideration rathe Increase in production level of every sector of the economy is one of the most important attributes of the macro economic goals which every economy aims to achieve but Econo It is also aimed at ascertaining the level of relationship between the depreciation value of Naira and the pricing of imported goods in Nigeria.

The fluctuating project topics in economics of exchange rate appears to be responsible for the exploitative pricing of imported goods in Nigeria.

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Forensic accountant plays a significant role in the Nigeria organizations whereby he investigates with the use of technological equipment in its assignment. The researcher employs primary data questionnaire and personal interview to colle Internally, the unstable investment and consumption patterns as well as the improper implementation of public policies, changes There are varieties of project topics in economics existing in a manufacturing company.

The result shows that Financial sector developmen In recent time, one of the greatest problems of population growth in Nigeria is not simply a problem of numbers,