60% more flow than an orifice plate for the same size bore under the same conditions, enabling For differential pressure elements, the calculation of pressure. Orifice plates are used for measuring flowrate of fluids flowing through the closed pipes. Orifice meter is inserted in the pipeline and it causes drop of fluid static. orifice. In this example, either calculate the head drop through an orifice of known diameter, or enter the head drop required and calculate the required size of orifice. The calculation applies to orifices where the orifice diameter is less than of the pipe size.


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This orifice plate sizing calculator online allows us to calculate the necessary diameter to perform this type of measurements based on dP, it is applicable to gases, liquids and orifice plate sizing calculation with a defined percentage in water.

Description The required information is divided into 2 groups, fluid information and instrument information.

Orifice flow rate calculator

Regarding the fluid, basic data are requested from the point of operation or point of applicationas well as some constant depending on the type of gas used. For the instrument, information is requested on the pipe where it is installed, as well as the range orifice plate sizing calculation the pressure transmitter with which we want to measure the flow.


Flowrate measuring through the pipeline is done indirectly, calculating flowrate from the measured pressure loss in front and after the orifice plate. All orifice plate sizing calculation pluses make the Orifice plate the first choice measurement device in almost every flow application.

It does however have some limitations which makes the sizing process a little tricky.

Two key limitations include: As can be observed from orifice plate sizing calculation above graph, large errors are introduced into the measurement system by orifice plates at low flow rates.

This is because flow is orifice plate sizing calculation to the square root of differential pressure as shown by the graph below: Since the pressure at 1 will be higher than the pressure at 2 for flow moving from 1 to 2the pressure difference as defined will be a positive quantity.

Available calculations Flow rate for known orifice size orifice plate sizing calculation pressure difference Flow velocity in the inlet pipe Discharge coefficient calculation Gas expansion coefficient for compressible flow In Selection section you can select values to input.

Plates are commonly made with sharp-edged circular orifices and installed concentric with the pipe and with pressure tappings at one of three standard pairs of distances upstream orifice plate sizing calculation downstream of the plate; these types are covered by ISO and other major standards.

There are many other possibilities.