This article focuses on the DBA's daily responsibilities for monitoring Oracle databases and provides tips and techniques on how DBAs can turn  ‎Check instance availability · ‎Check alert log files for error. The oracle DBA can use these 2 scripts to generate DDL statements for a user with their roles, system and object privileges. For Oracle 18c. DB monitoring scripts, database health check scripts, daily scripts required for tions of DBA SCRIPTS Find active sessions in oracle database.


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The methods you can use are: If you are expecting multiple rows of data in your result then you will have to put oracle dba scripts statement in some kind of loop.

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It should be noted here that the data is being fetched from a cursor, and once each row of data has been retrieved the data is forgotten, so if you wish to use the data oracle dba scripts later you need to store it in you own variables, arrays or hashes.

A further point to remember is that when iterating through the rows, the result set is retrieved in the same order that it was retrieved from the database.

This keeps the results consistent with the data especially worth noting if you are grouping or oracle dba scripts in your SQL statement. This returns a reference to an array rather than the actual array itself. Instead of producing a list or reference to a listthis method produces a reference to a hash which is keyed on the column names eg class, hostname and msg in the above example.

Oracle Database Administration Scripts | DBA Bundle – IT Expert

Again using the previous example, our fetch statement could be re-written as follows: Finishing the Query Finally, once you have retrieved all the data you need you have to de-allocate the statement handle. This is carried out via the finish method, ie: There are however other actions you will want to perform on the database such as inserting and oracle dba scripts rows of data that do not return data.

oracle dba scripts

For these types of statements you can use the do method rather oracle dba scripts preparing, executing and fetching via a statement handle. If the action completed succesfully ie didn't fail due to an error but did not delete any rows then the return code will be 0E0.

Other sessions will still see the data as it was originally.


Disconnecting from the Database Once you have completed your work on the database you have to diconnect from it. To do this you can use the disconnect method: This means that you can oracle dba scripts your own error checking on each method.

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Oracle DBA scripts that will make your job easy Oracle oracle dba scripts scripts collection used by expert database oracle dba scripts everyday.

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It clarifies imagination, Oracle process flow demonstrations and teach how component will be working in Oracle.