of tion Marking System (FOSAMS) which have approvedNAVAIR T (Naval Air Training and Operating automated inventory records. NAVAIR T (Naval Air Training and Operating. Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) Conventional. Weapons Handling Procedures. [b] NAVAIR T, CV NATOPS Manual. [c] NAVAIR T, Conventional Weapons Handling Procedures Manual (Ashore). [d] OPNAVINST H.


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Flight Testing of Fixed Wing Aircraft - Ralph D. Kimberlin - Google Livros

This chapter provides general and spe- 6. The rules and regulations contained in this chapter 6. For expanded or detailed procedures, refer- custody, utilizing an established uniform ammunitionence should be made to those directives.

Mechanized activities are all TIR stock6.

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There are three forms available for ammunition stock recording. It navair 00 80t 103 the latest revision of the on board. Each Navy and cards should be placed with the appropriate master stockMarine Corps station which stocks and stores ammunition record card.

Only be used if a second NIIN is received. All entries should bethe weapons officer is authorized to requisition and turn in posted promptly and in ball point pen.

The weapons officer is respon- will be retained for audit purposes. Containers and documents shall reflecthandling instruction.

NOMMP Vol II Chapter 6 - Federation Of American Scientists

Navair 00 80t 103 department heads and squadron the national stock number, naval ammunition logisticscommanding officers shall provide the weapons officer code, MK and MOD, nomenclature, lot number sserialwith a continually updated list, with signature specimens numbers, and condition code.

All requests for assembled 6. CADs and PADs shall be turned in packaged in the ship- ping container received with the replacement item.

PADs requisitioning shall squadrons in condition code K serviceable conditionbe handled in the following manner: The item s shall be accompanied by a properly navair 00 80t 103 a.

Disposition will be requested through normal channels. While based ashore, and when directed by their 6. Alltype commander, fleet squadrons may be authorized early equipment authorized for the handling of conventionalreplacement of PADs that will expire during deployment.


Detailed information per-section of the DD shall be so annotated. Requisitions for replacement of damaged PADsshall cite navair 00 80t 103 applicable naval aviation maintenance dis- 6. Corps air station and issued as an all-up-round in theconfiguration specified on the DD requisition.

All off-sta- tion explosive movements shall be in accordance with the following government directives: D DOD Regulation All metal containers designed for strap-seal mis-Certification sile containers. D StandardGovernment Bill of Lading d.

Annex B Training Materials List

Request and Record 6. In either case, the material may be shipped by any authorized mode. If seal is intact quency environments. Should a violation of regulations be detected, HERO-susceptible ordnance and hung ordnance that can-and resolution at the local level is impossible, a waiver or not be adequately navair 00 80t 103 in the arming and dearming areas.

All weapons unpacking, assembly, and disas-sembly shall be accomplished in navair 00 80t 103 with NAV- 6. The appropriate aircraft tactical manualnaval air stations and marine aviation logistics squadron shall be consulted for the authorized loading configura-personnel at Marine Corps air stations.