Although initially published after *Bad Blood*, *Misterioso* is the first installment in the Intercrime series. Arne Dahl; Published: ; Genre. Crime. The first novel in Arne Dahl's gripping Intercrime series—considered one of Sweden's best—Misterioso is a piercingly dark and absorbing detective thriller. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Absorbing A dark, tense thriller.” —Newark Star-Ledger “Terrific Full of twists and turns, blind alleys and sudden assaults.


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Hultin tasks the team with investigating a series of murders of local businessmen, seemingly unrelated but all bearing the mark of cool and calculated executions.

Misterioso - Salomonsson Agency

Typical is Paul Misterioso arne dahl, who was about to lose his job for the unorthodox handling of a hostage situation. It is mentioned several times in this novel. Olof Palme, the Prime Minister of Sweden, was assassinated in and the murderer was never found.

The A-Group does not misterioso arne dahl to be seen as ineffective like the investigation of the Palme murder turned out misterioso arne dahl be. It is very much in the back of their minds as they search for the serial killer.

When they do not have luck finding the murderer after a month "either they were doing something fundamentally wrong, or else they were dealing with another Palme murder.

Misterioso by Arne Dahl |

The term black-head refers to anyone who doesn't have blond hair as do most of the Misterioso arne dahl. There is a great deal of prejudice against immigrants and looking like a Swede is considered very important.


Paul becomes obsessed with a mark on his cheek, most likely a common misterioso arne dahl. Jazz, not just the song of the title, but as a social model, plays an important role as a metaphor for the pace of the mystery.


The plot's full of twists and turns, blind alleys and sudden assaults, procedural hassles and stakeouts. I won't reveal the meaning of the title, but it haunts the entire mystery and adds a level of misterioso arne dahl you won't soon forget.

It is an addictive and riveting ensemble work that moves quickly through a smart, complex plot full of twists and turns.