MIT Mechanical Engineering courses available online and for free. Mechanical engineering is concerned with the responsible development of products, processes, and power, at scales ranging from molecules to large and. Degree Chart for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Course 2).


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The required thesis is an original work of research, development, or design, conducted under the supervision of a mechanical engineering mit or senior research staff member.

The thesis usually takes between one and two years to complete. Master of Engineering in Manufacturing The Master of Engineering in Manufacturing is a month professional degree in mechanical engineering that is intended to prepare the student to assume a role of technical leadership in the mechanical engineering mit industries.

The degree is aimed at practitioners who will use this knowledge to become leaders in existing, as well emerging, manufacturing companies.


To qualify for this degree, a student must complete a highly mechanical engineering mit set of subjects and projects that cover the process, product, system, and business aspects of manufacturing, totaling 90 units, plus complete a group-based thesis project with a manufacturing industry.

While centered in engineering and firmly grounded in the engineering sciences, this degree program considers the entire enterprise of manufacturing.

Mechanical Engineering | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials

Students will gain both a broad understanding of the many facets of manufacturing and a knowledge of manufacturing fundamentals from which to build new technologies and businesses.

The admission process is identical to that of the Master of Science degree, with the exception that two additional essay questions are required. Mechanical Engineer's Degree The Mechanical Engineer's degree provides an opportunity for further study beyond the mechanical engineering mit level for those who wish to enter engineering practice rather than research.

This degree emphasizes breadth of knowledge in mechanical engineering and its economic and social implications, and is quite distinct from the Mechanical engineering mit, which emphasizes depth and originality of research.

The engineer's degree requires a broad program of advanced coursework in mechanical engineering totaling at least credit units typically mechanical engineering mit 14 subjectsincluding those taken during the master's degree program.

The engineer's degree program is centered around mechanical engineering mit application of engineering principles to advanced engineering problems and includes a Mechanical Engineering examination and an applications-oriented thesis, which may be an extension of a suitable master's thesis.

An engineer's degree typically requires at least one year of study beyond the master's degree. The program leads to the Naval Engineer's degree, which requires a higher level of professional competence mechanical engineering mit broader range of knowledge than is required for the degree of Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering or Ocean Engineering.

Subjects in the areas of economics, industrial management, and public policy and law, and at least 12 units of comprehensive design are required, in addition to an in-depth curriculum that includes naval architecture, hydrodynamics, ship structures, materials science, and power and propulsion.

Mechanical Engineering (Course 2)

The program is appropriate for naval officers and civilians who plan to participate in the design and construction of naval ships, as well as those interested in commercial ship design.

For students working toward mechanical engineering mit simultaneous Naval Engineer's degree and a master's degree, a single thesis is generally acceptable, provided it is appropriate mechanical engineering mit the specifications of both degrees, demonstrating an educational maturity expected of the Naval Engineer's degree.

This degree is awarded upon the completion of a program of advanced study, and the performance of significant original research, design, or mechanical engineering mit. Doctoral degrees are offered in all areas represented by the department's faculty. Students become candidates for the doctorate by passing the doctoral qualifying examinations.

Department of Mechanical Engineering < MIT

The doctoral program includes a major program of advanced study in the student's principal area of interest, and a minor program mechanical engineering mit study in a different field.

The MechE Graduate Office should be consulted about the deadline for passing the qualifying exam. The principal component of the program is the thesis.

Mechanical engineering mit thesis is a major, original work that makes a significant research, development, or design contribution in its field.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The thesis and the program of study are mechanical engineering mit under a faculty supervisor and a doctoral committee selected by the student and his or her supervisor, and perhaps other interested faculty members.

The committee makes an annual examination of the candidate's progress and makes a final mechanical engineering mit for a public defense of the work.


The doctoral program typically mechanical engineering mit three years of work beyond the master's degree, although this time is strongly topic dependent.

The program enables students to specialize at the doctoral level in a computation-related field of their choice through focused coursework and a doctoral thesis which makes extensive use of sophisticated computation or develops new computational methods.

Interdisciplinary Programs Graduate students registered in the Department of Mechanical Engineering may elect to participate in interdisciplinary programs of study.

The curriculum is designed with a common core serving mechanical engineering mit engineering disciplines and an elective component focusing on specific applications.

For more information, see the full program description under Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs.

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Research and Innovation Today, mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and most versatile of the engineering professions.