McKeachie's Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers [Marilla Svinicki, Wilbert J. McKeachie] on This indispensable handbook provides helpful strategies for dealing with both the everyday challenges of university teaching and those that. : McKeachie's Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers (College Teaching Series) .


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Open in a separate window Tools for Teaching is chunked into 12 sections comprising 61 chapters over pages; here the references are given at the end of each chapter rather than at mckeachie teaching tips end of the book, which makes it convenient to locate a reference mentioned in the text for further exploration.

This section also addresses undergraduate research, guest speakers, and civic engagement. As these lists indicate, the books cover an exceptionally broad and useful range of topics in relatively little space.


mckeachie teaching tips Consequently, they might serve as more of an appetizer than a main course, but the extensive references in each provide a way to delve more deeply into any topic that strikes one's fancy.

Fortunately, both books provide a useful overview of and guide to that literature mckeachie teaching tips in many cases can stand alone. For example, if you're stumped about how to introduce a new topic tomorrow, they can provide a quick source of new approaches, or they can offer some help when you find yourself confronted by an unresponsive class or sulky student.

In short, they both provide useful immediate advice as well mckeachie teaching tips a guide to further reading on topics that you might want to consider in depth. While there is considerable overlap in the topics covered in the two books, there are differences mckeachie teaching tips well.

For example, McKeachie's Teaching Tips contains a chapter on teaching laboratories by Brian Coppola, a topic not addressed by Tools for Teaching, and the final chapter on maintaining vitality is distinctive.

Mckeachie teaching tips the other hand, a number of practical matters such as effective use of office hours, writing recommendations, and so forth that every faculty member deals with are covered only in Tools for Teaching.

There's a good reason that it's now in its 13th edition; it has stood the test of time. Tools for Teaching is a more recent entry into the market and of necessity has displaced itself mckeachie teaching tips from Teaching Tips. Somewhat to my surprise, both preferred Tools for Teaching, although both found much worthwhile in both books.

The main reasons that the postdocs offered for their preference were that the language in Tools for Teaching was more straightforward, while education jargon occasionally intruded into McKeachie's Teaching Tips e.

Having internalized education language myself, I missed the jargon issue but agree that McKeachie's Teaching Tips sometimes gives short shrift to complicated mckeachie teaching tips while at the same time giving a succinct introduction to them and references for further reading.

I also sometimes disagreed with the advice given by one book or the other; this is an inevitable consequence of having become somewhat set in my ways in three decades of teaching and mckeachie teaching tips having a different perspective from the authors of these volumes. To illustrate, McKeachie's Teaching Tips has a section on dealing with aggressive, challenging students that assumes that mckeachie teaching tips behaviors arise from good motivations—either because they are trying to test their own understanding by challenging yours or because they are already convinced of the correctness of their viewpoint.


However, at least in science classrooms, I have seen students challenge a professor whom they think lacks the authority to teach science because she is a woman or person of color.

Bias can also be a reason that students take a confrontational stance, and I think the book fails to acknowledge this possibility and to mckeachie teaching tips how to deal with it. Both are valuable resources for college teachers and no bookshelf is complete mckeachie teaching tips at least one of them.

They are sufficiently different even when they cover similar topics that one could not go wrong by owning both books.


If they are wrong too often, they should not be teaching. If they are never wrong, they belong in heaven, not a college classroom.

Tools and Tips for Teachers

Instead, all of the pieces are interconnected to student learning, so you move back and forth mckeachie teaching tips you progress. They are connection, participation, safety, support, belonging and empowerment.

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Helping students prepare for discussion. Getting and maintaining participation in the discussion.