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These kasjusz dion women live during their old age independently, without the care of their male relatives. Probably all of them were widows. Veturia and Cornelia lost sons involved in politics of Rome.

Dio Cassius - Academic Kids

Thus, though he was on his mother's side of Greek descent, and though, in his writings, kasjusz dion adopted kasjusz dion prevailing Greek language of his native province, he must be considered as a Roman.

Dio Cassius passed the greater part of his life in public service. He was a senator under Commodus and governor of Smyrna after the death of Septimius Severus ; and afterwards suffect consul aroundas also proconsul in Africa and Pannonia.

Alexander Severus kasjusz dion the highest esteem for him, and made him consul for the second time, with himself kasjusz dionthough the Praetorian Guardsirritated against him kasjusz dion account of his severity, had demanded his life.

Following his second consulship, being advanced in years, he returned to his native country, where he died. Dio published a Roman history, in eighty books, the fruit of his researches and labours of twenty-two years.

It embraced a period of years, extending from the arrival of Aeneas in Italy, and the subsequent founding of Rometo AD Down to the time of Julius Caesarhe only gives a summary of events; kasjusz dion this, he enters somewhat more into details; and from kasjusz dion time of Commodus he is very circumspect in relating what passed under his own eyes.

Dio's Roman history by Cassius Dio Cocceianus Book 92 editions published between and in 4 languages and held by 1, WorldCat member libraries worldwide Of the eighty books of Dio's great work Roman History, covering the era from the legendary landing of Aeneas in Italy to the reign of Kasjusz dion Severus, we possess Books 36 and have gapswhich cover the years 68 BC - AD The missing portions are partly supplied, for the earlier gaps by Zonaras, who relies closely on Dio, and for some later gaps Book 35 onwards by John Xiphilinus of the eleventh century.

There are also many excerpts.