An Irish lass comes to America and finds love in the first novel in the Irish Legacy trilogy—the first book ever published by #1 New York Times. The Irish Hearts book series by Nora Roberts includes books Irish Thoroughbred, Irish Rose, Irish Rebel, and several more. See the complete Irish Hearts series. "Irish Thoroughbred": her hot temper sent the heart of Travis Grant aflame. Now the proud, powerful owner of Royal Meadows horse farm resolved to make this.


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Questions buzzed in her mind and through her lips, and Paddy answered them tolerantly, finding the soft lilt of her voice as sweet as a summer breeze. When Paddy pulled into a drive and halted the car, Adelia gazed about her with new wonder.

The grass was brilliantly green over softly rolling hills, and horses grazed irish thoroughbred nora roberts in the distance.

Nora Roberts' Irish Legacy Trilogy by Nora Roberts |

An immense structure, or so it seemed to her, with three magnificent stories of old and muted stone.

Dozens of windows winked in the gleaming sun like large, clear irish thoroughbred nora roberts. Wide and boldly glistening, they were a sharp contrast to the stone's mellowness.

Skirting the top two stories were balconies, the design of wrought iron as intricate and delicate as the finest lace.

Irish Thoroughbred (Irish Hearts, #1) by Nora Roberts

The house stood on a gently sloping lawn of close-cropped green, graced with bushes and stately trees just awakening from their winter sleep. An oval track commanded her view, and across from it stood a large white building, which Paddy identified as the stables.

Fences and paddocks checkerboarded the area and the scent of hay and horses drifted through the irish thoroughbred nora roberts.


In solemn amazement she gazed about, and the thought sped through her brain that she had not moved from one farm to another irish thoroughbred nora roberts from one world to another.

At home, the farm had meant the earth, with its blessings and curses, a small barn in constant need of repair, a strip of pasture.

Here, the space alone made her eyes widen, so much space to belong to one man.

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But as well as space, she recognized the efficiency and the order in fresh white buildings and split-rail fences. In the distance, where the hills began their irish thoroughbred nora roberts roll, she saw mares grazing while their foals frolicked with the joy of spring and youth.

Travis, Grant, she mused, recalling the name of the owner from Paddy's letters.

Travis Grant knows how to care for what he owns- "There's my house. The first irish thoroughbred nora roberts of the building was a large white garage, which she learned later serviced the trailers and trucks used for transporting the Thoroughbreds.

Atop this was a stone structure, nearly twice as large as the farmhouse in which she had spent her life.

It was a miniature replica of the main house, with the same native stonework and glistening windows graced with balconies.

Get a look at your new home.

Irish Thoroughbred » Read Online Free Book

A bright, cozy room welcomed her, with pale green walls and a shining oak floor. A brightly checked sofa and matching chair invited her to sit in front of the raised hearth when the weather was cool, or contemplate rambling hills through wide, sheer-draped windows.

It was not an overly large room, but to her inexperienced eyes it was huge indeed. The walls were painted a robin's-egg blue, and sheer white curtains billowed and swayed irish thoroughbred nora roberts two opened windows.

The soft blue and white was repeated in the flower print of the bedspread, and a fluffy white rug lay on the wooden floor. The mirror over the maple dresser reflected the expression of stunned pleasure irish thoroughbred nora roberts her face.

Nora Roberts’ Irish Legacy Trilogy

The knowledge that the room was to be hers brought unaccustomed tears to her eyes. Blinking them away, she turned and threw her arms around her uncle's neck. Later, they strolled across the lawn toward the stables.

Adelia had changed from the dress she had worn for the trip and was now clad in her more customary attire of jeans and cotton shut, with her auburn irish thoroughbred nora roberts pulled up and covered by a faded blue hat.

Irish Thoroughbred

Irish thoroughbred nora roberts had convinced her uncle that rest was not what she needed, and that seeing the horses was what she wanted above all else.

With her face glowing and eyes pleading, Paddy would have found it impossible to deny her anything. Approaching the stables, they spotted a small group gathered around a chestnut Thoroughbred.