Rok prvá práca Komenského,ktorá mala bytť urcená pre potreby vzdelávania pod názvom Informatorium školy materskej, pomôcka pre. contribution of Comenius' work “Informatórium školy materskej” (School of Infancy) to social pedagogy, giving great importance to the educa- tional influence of. komensky informatorium skoly materskej pdf free. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for komensky informatorium skoly materskej pdf.


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His position as an orphan deprived of primary education no doubt did more to make him think about the relationship between school and personal work than a normal school upbringing would have done. With other young men belonging to the community of the Moravian Brethren the famous Protestant secthe was later sent to the University of Herborn where he studied Protestant theology, attended John Henry Alsted's courses, and became familiar with Wolfgang Ratke's famous memorial on language teaching.

He soon began to write a book of the same kind for the Czech public, and also embarked on a Latin-Czech glossary which he continued informatorium skoly materskej perfect over a period of forty years.

On his return to Moravia, he became a schoolmaster and later the church pastor at Fulnek; but the insurrection in Bohemia, which marked the beginning of the Thirty Years War, was the start of his misfortunes.

He fled from his home, lost his wife and young children, and began to wander from one lordly domain to another, writing works of consolation for his co-religionists and preaching a resigned withdrawal into the inner life of the mind. Expelled from Bohemia, he took refuge at Leszno in Poland, where informatorium skoly materskej Moravian Brethren had a centre and there, at the town's secondary school, resumed teaching.

It was then that he developed his ideas on education, basing himself in particular on Francis Bacon and Tomasso Campanella, those 'happy restorers of philosophy'. And it was then, too, that he started to grapple with the great problem of his time, that of method. He wrote his Janua linguarum reseratawhich was extremely successful, and his The Great Didactic originally written in Czech.

But in his eyes these works were only stepping-stones to far more important objectives: The Great Didactic itself was full of general ideas, but Comenius wished to unite and systematize them in a universal science or 'pansophy' a term in fairly current use at that time.

This was the beginning of his international vocation, for such a systematization of knowledge, to his mind, was bound up with the co-ordination of universal currents of ideas. Starting from that moment, all his undertakings were accompanied by efforts at co-operation on a larger or smaller scale.

John Amos Comenius - Monoskop

His informatorium skoly materskej objective was the reconciliation of the Churches. Certain English friends, who were also interested in the movement for conciliation, sought to get him away from Leszno and brought his work to the attention of Louis de Geer, a Swedish philanthropist of Dutch origin; they then published Comenius' pansophic programme, without his knowledge, under the title of Pansophiae prodromus a book that attracted the attention of Mersenne and of Descartes himself and in invited him to London to help bring about informatorium skoly materskej understanding between King and Parliament and to found a circle for pansophic collaboration.

These attempts failed; yet from them Comenius derived fresh ardour with which to pursue his schemes for reforming human society and learning in general. A choice was open to him between an invitation from Richelieu to found a pansophic college in France, and one from Louis de Geer to reform Swedish schools.

He chose the second offer, hoping, no doubt, to obtain Swedish political support for the Bohemian refugees. On the way, he met Descartes at Endegeest, and Jungius and Tassius in Hamburg, and found difficulty in realizing that they hardly shared his views on the forming of an international circle for pansophic research.

In Sweden he was informatorium skoly materskej received by court society, but his particular Protestant views were viewed with some dubiety by Lutheran public opinion.

He settled at Elbing in East Prussia which was then Swedish territory and wrote his Methodus linguarum novissima. But this work he regarded as of merely secondary importance, his great problem being, more and more, the reform of human affairs.

Komensky informatorium skoly materskej pdf free

After taking part informatorium skoly materskej the Colloquium Charitativum held at Thorn in with a view to reconciling the Churches, he fell into disgrace with the Swedes he had foreseen that this would happen but had persisted in his course, which does credit to his character.

He also escaped the lures of the Catholic party, which had thought to make use of him, and without having achieved any practical gains, but having acquitted himself with dignity in difficult informatorium skoly materskej, he resumed a scheme for a work on the universal reform of human society by the following means: The title of the work, General Consultation on the Reform of Human Affairsinformatorium skoly materskej that his idea was to submit a programme to those taking part in the great negotiations which had aroused and disappointed so many hopes during the seventeenth century.

Promoted to the rank of Bishop of the Moravians, Comenius returned to Leszno. Inhowever, he went to Saros Patak in Transylvania in the - again ill-starred - hope of founding a pansophic college. There he wrote the Orbus sensualium pictus, the first illustrated textbook, which met with great success.

In he returned to Leszno, which informatorium skoly materskej razed on 25 April during the Swedish invasion of Poland. In the disaster, Comenius lost his library and many of his manuscripts, informatorium skoly materskej the Latin-Czech glossary on which he had been working since his youth.

Komensky informatorium skoly materskej pdf free

After this new misfortune, he went with his family to stay with Laurenz de Informatorium skoly materskej the son of his former patron in Amsterdam. He refused a teaching post but consented to the publication of his complete didactic works.

He still sought to complete his General Consultationbut had not yet been able to do so when he died informatorium skoly materskej Amsterdam in November Comenius published works in several areas, writing mainly in Czech, Latin and German.