Once you've prepared your interactive elements, like hyperlinks and cross-references, you're ready to export your document as an interactive PDF. Head up to File > Export. Give your eBook a suitable name and save to a folder you can easily find. From the Format menu, choose Adobe PDF (Interactive) and click Save. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. Creating eBooks with Adobe InDesign CC. Anurag Wahi | Senior Engineering Manager ([email protected]). Email. Making better ebooks from InDesign is a consistent theme here at EPUB Secrets. This is a guest post from Felipe Santos, a noted Adobe.


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This is the ultimate type of eBook. You may be able to just do everything you need right in Indesign ebooks, export to fixed layout and then publish. Every layout will be preserved.

How to create an ebook (part 1) | Creative Bloq

If you prefer to apply an object style to fit the set photo and caption. And remember, indesign ebooks with technical and visual indesign ebooks is our goal. It is a good idea to put each object in its own paragraph.

A screenshot from InDesign highlighting the blue square used to anchor items in the text flow.

Drag the blue icon from the text frame to the paragraph in which you want indesign ebooks display the object. A screengrab from the Object Style Options menu showing how to create a custom layout indesign ebooks anchored items.

Design a visually rich fixed layout EPUB

Through indesign ebooks object styles we can export fill and outline properties, and in addition to the EPUB and HTML tab you can control the size and indesign ebooks of sidebars.

Thus, each image will receive a percentage value depending on the area occupied on the page.


All settings are controlled by the Object style. Screenshot from Adobe Digital Editions show a centered, responsive text box.

InDesign CC Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

For this reason, the design needs to be optimized to attract casual browsers. Give emphasis to the typography of your indesign ebooks, blowing up the title to an exaggerated indesign ebooks, and setting the text in a highly contrasting color to the background.

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Make sure the typeface is clear and easy to read, and conveys the genre of your book instantly. Place the cover artwork either on the first page of your InDesign document, or create a separate image file, which you can indesign ebooks as the cover when you export your eBook.

Although we already mentioned how to size your eBook indesign ebooks in Tip 5, above, sizing your cover artwork is quite different.


Different eBook stores set different cover size standards, so you will have to check in advance what their current recommendations are. Here you can find current cover size standards recommended by Amazon Kindle indesign ebooks, Apple iBooksand Lulu.

10 Essential Tips for Creating eBooks (EPUBs) in InDesign

The Articles indesign ebooks in InDesign Anchored graphics: Graphics can be anchored to indesign ebooks text by simply pasting the art inline where you want it. In more recent versions of ID indesign ebooks can also drag on the "anchor icon" and release over the insertion point in the text.

Consistently apply Character Styles and Paragraph Styles to all the text. In other words, all attributes should be applied via a style, rather than directly. This information is used in the ebook to control the look of your text. Note that these controls also let you set a paragraph's Tag attribute, ie.

All attributes should be applied via a style, rather than directly No masters: So don't expect to see those items show up.

Previously ebooks couldn't recognize text box or page breaks, so we needed to create indesign ebooks separate ID document for every chapter and then indesign ebooks it all together.

This is no longer needed, and chapters can be designated in a number of ways.