As a result, the County medical director issued two protocols under what he asserted In December , the County and ICEMA commenced the instant action. Drugs, Dosages, and how the drug is packaged Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Home > EMS Policy, Procedure & Protocol Manual. EMS Policies and ICEMA System Procedures are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Get Adobe Reader.


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Every attempt should be made to continue radio icema protocols with the original trauma base. If the destination changes and contact is necessary with the new base, attempts should be made by the new base hospital to inform the original base to prevent confusion and activation of a trauma team unnecessarily.

No Medication is added to the IV fluid. IV maintained at a preset rateIV maintained at a preset rate Check tubing for kinks and reposition arm if necessaryCheck tubing for kinks and reposition arm if necessary Turn off IV if icema protocols occursTurn off IV if infiltration occurs Control bleeding at insertion site.

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This two-tier system, as originally drafted, afforded no particular role for cities and fire districts in the EMS systems. In June ofseveral months [15 Cal. The letter stated in part: We do not believe that city fire departments, where most paramedics are employed, are either capable of or should be making medically related decisions with respect to emergency medical services.

We think the training standards and the medical direction of emergency medical paramedic programs should be under the direction of a medical director and we think that the county health officer is an appropriate position for that responsibility.

However, we think that staffing levels of city paramedic programs, and the transportation and system organization[,] which we would assume means where paramedics are stationed, how they [are] dispatched icema protocols engine companies and the utilization of their time, whether they are otherwise full time firemen or not, etc.

We believe this because city taxpayers are financially icema protocols this program and city management is responsible for their efficient utilization. The city icema protocols is responsible for the level of service and the cost of the program, wholly unrelated to medical questions.

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That section, after subsequent amendments, and as finally enacted, requires that, "[u]pon the request of a city or fire district that contracted for or provided, as of June 1,prehospital emergency medical services, a county shall enter into a written agreement icema protocols the city or fire district regarding the provision of prehospital emergency medical services for that city or fire district.

Until such time that an agreement is reached, prehospital emergency medical services shall be continued at not less than the existing level, and the administration of prehospital EMS by cities icema protocols fire districts presently providing such services shall be retained by those cities and fire districts, except the level of prehospital EMS may be reduced where the city council, or the governing body of a fire district, pursuant to a public hearing, determines that the reduction is necessary.

Inthe EMS Act was amended see sections Such authorization was necessary to immunize the agencies from liability under the United States Supreme Court's then recent decision [15 Cal. Boulder U. A local EMS agency which elects to create one or more exclusive operating areas in the development of a local plan shall develop and submit for approval to the authority, icema protocols part of the local EMS plan its competitive process for selecting providers and determining the scope of their icema protocols Nothing in this section supersedes section It appears that until recently, these parties have coexisted rather harmoniously in the provision of emergency medical services of various kinds in the City.

SinceCourtesy has been the sole provider, with some exceptions discussed below, of emergency ambulance transport services in the City under the County's authorization. At some point prior toand virtually continuously thereafter, Courtesy also provided paramedic, advanced life support services within the areas served by its ambulances.

None of the parties dispute that, as of June 1,the critical date under section In the parlance of emergency medical services, "response level" icema protocols to the icema protocols of the response to a medical emergency, either "Code Three" emergency driving techniques, warning lights, lamp and sirens or "Code Two" routine driving proceduresdepending on the nature of the emergency.


When both were dispatched, the practice was for the first responder arriving on the scene to assume responsibility for patient care until the patient was icema protocols for ambulance transport to the base hospital.