Civil Services (Main) Examination (Written and Interview) for the selection of candidates for the various Services and posts. • The Preliminary Examination will  Missing: antivirus ‎| ‎Must include: ‎antivirus. Competitive exam books for entrance exams in India. Buy best competitive examination books for upcoming entrance exams. Competitive prices, best offers. Exam June/November (plus March India only). AS and A Level Computer Science syllabus for examination from Thresholds. CIE AS Physics Mcafee Antivirus Plus Free Download Full Version, Spiral Ramp Dimensions.


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Home Science Extension Education. Structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, cell wall, membranes, cell organelles, organization and functions, chromosome structure and functions, cell growth division and differentiation.

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Sub unit structure of macromolecules and supermolecular systems. Self assembly of sub units, viruses, bacteriophage, ribosomes and membrane systems.

Scope and importance of biochemistry in animal sciences, cell structure and functions. Chemistry and biological significance of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins and hormones. Enzymes — chemistry, kinetics and mechanism of action and regulation.

Metabolic inhibitors with special reference to antibiotics and insecticides. Biological oxidation, energy metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and nucleic acids.

Ias syllabus pdf 2016 antivirus, spectrophotometry, chromatography and electrophoresis methods.

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Chemistry of antigens and antibodies and molecular basis of immune reaction, radio — immune assay and other assays. Chemistry of respiration and gas transport, water and electrolyte metabolism. Deficiency diseases, metabolic disorders and clinical biochemistry. Endocrine glands, biosynthesis of hormones and their mechanism of action.

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History of molecular biology, biosynthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, genome organization, regulation of gene expression, polymerase chain reaction, basic principles of biotechnology applicable to veterinary science gene ias syllabus pdf 2016 antivirus, immunodiagnostics, animal cell culture, in vitro fertilization.

Sub — unit vaccines: Principles of fermentation technology. Basic principles of stem cell and animal cloning. Medicine Clinical and Preventive Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, Structure of cells, cell organelles, chromosome structure and functions, cell growth, division and differentiation and functions.

Structure and function of basic tissues-epithelium, connective tissue, muscle and nervous tissue.

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Gross Morphology, Histology and physiology of mammalian organs ias syllabus pdf 2016 antivirus systems, major sense organs and receptors, circulatory system. Digestion in simple stomached animals, birds and fermentative digestion in ruminants, Kidney and its functions-respiratory system-animal behaviour- growthinfluence of environment on animal production-biotechnology in animal production and reproductionelectrophysiology of different types of muscle fibres.

Exocrine and endocrine glands, hormones and their functions, blood composition and function. Homeostasis, osmoregulation and blood clotting.

Gametogenesis and development of urogenital organs. Boundaries of body cavities.


Pleural and peritoneal reflections.