The U.S. government response to Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana was actually delayed, partly due to initial reports that New Orleans had escaped the brunt of. The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned. Image of the Front Cover - The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned. Tropical Cyclone Report. Hurricane Katrina. August Richard D. Knabb, Jamie R. Rhome, and Daniel P. Brown. National Hurricane.


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Physicians wrote prescriptions for hypertension and diabetes, but there were hurricane katrina reports pharmacies open or even available to fill them.

Lacking an assigned role, and in the absence of communication facilities and electrical power, many volunteers were unable to meet the actual needs of victims. Bernard Parish, a New Orleans suburb of 70, people, on August 31, The team of 45 was warmly welcomed by hurricane katrina reports parish president, rescued people from flooded homes, treated about patients, saved many evacuees, and resupplied a local medical clinic before returning to Canada on September 6, But those with poor resources would clearly benefit from intervention by structured disaster response teams.


Is international assistance needed? Because Hurricane Katrina destroyed businesses as well as the medical and public health infrastructure along a broad hurricane katrina reports of the U. Gulf Coast, including New Orleans, assistance from federal agencies was essential. CDC, for instance, deployed approximately professionals for recovery operations.

Hurricane Katrina: Facts, Damage & Aftermath

However, the severity of wind damage and flooding was shown by a survey of evacuees in Houston. Of those trapped in their own homes, half of them waited three or more days to be rescued.

The medical team deployed from ARC headquarters in Washington, DC, performed critical-needs assessments and helped define the public health hurricane katrina reports to the hurricane.

Within four days, multidisciplinary and interagency ARC teams had assessed more than shelters housing nearly 30, people and provided care to about 50, displaced people. These teams rapidly identified immediate and longer-term needs and developed a coordinated response plan.

Bush did not request foreign aid officially, but offers of aid from the United Nations and approximately 90 member countries were received by the U.

For example, hurricane katrina reports than 9, hurricane katrina reports beds in New Orleans were unusable because of flooding; 8 shelters had difficulty obtaining medications; 16 and many health-care workers were themselves displaced by the hurricane.

Hurricane Katrina - August

Makeshift clinics in the larger shelters had limited supplies but provided medical hurricane katrina reports. Patients were seen effectively in clinics, and hospitals were open with sufficient bed capacity in at least six different communities of the Gulfport region, not necessitating assistance from the NIH medical mission team.


However, were it not for the massive resources available for mobilization within the U. Do epidemics and plagues follow disasters? Intuitively, epidemic diseases, illnesses, and injuries might be expected following major disasters.


However, as noted by de Goyet, epidemics seldom occur after disasters, and unless deaths are caused by one of a small number of infectious diseases such as smallpox, typhus, or plague, exposure to dead bodies does not cause disease. Cholera and typhoid seldom pose a major health threat after disasters unless they hurricane katrina reports already endemic.

Katrina's Storm Surge

Louis encephalitis, and dengue have ties to the Mississippi delta, 23 and vast areas of stagnant and tainted floodwaters following Hurricane Katrina caused concern about vector-borne diseases.

The committee's final report was titled " A Failure of Initiative. The Army Corps of Engineers has rebuilt the levee system, making the barriers higher and supporting them with steel beams that extend as far as hurricane katrina reports feet The Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act offers grants to help cities revise evacuation plans, includes provisions for better communication with non-English speaking people and those hurricane katrina reports disabilities and recognizes the evacuation needs of people with pets.