Download scientific diagram | Photograph and a schematic diagram of HHO fuel cell. from publication: Effect of HHO gas on combustion emissions in gasoline. HHO cell was designed, fabricated and optimized for maximum HHO gas productivity per input power. The optimized parameters were the number of neutral  Fuel system‎: ‎Multi point fuel injection. HHO is a scam that is fleecing thousands and earning a fortune for dishonest con-men. Let's take a closer look at those HHO "hydrogen fuel cells". They are.


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Hho Fuel Cell, Hho Fuel Cell Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Hho fuel cell system uses electricity from your car's alternator to run an electrical current through water that's been infused with an electrolyte, usually a form of salt. Hho fuel cell electricity breaks the bond between the hydrogen molecules and the oxygen molecules, and the hydrogen and oxygen are released as gases.

These gases are collected and used by the engine as fuel.


The collected gas then hho fuel cell piped to the vehicle's engine and sucked in by the intake manifold. Accounts from manufacturers claim hydrogen is thousands of times more energy dense than fuel, and only a hho fuel cell is needed to fuel the vehicle. Once combusted, the hydrogen and oxygen recombine into -- you guessed it -- water.

While the water-as-fuel claim is no longer rolling, HHO believers claim the systems can be used to boost mileage anywhere from 50 percent to more than percent, as well as to reduce emissions. There are grains of truth in HHO systems -- but does it actually work?

Run your car on water? - it's a scam!

All around the globe, teams of highly educated scientists slave away in an attempt to squeeze the last few percent of efficiency out of the conventional internal combustion engine because they know that even small improvements can have a big benefit to an auto-maker's bottom line.

At hho fuel cell same time, there appear to be hho fuel cell of "garage mechanics" who are also working on ways to improve the mileage of your car.

All kinds of crazy devices are now flooding the hho fuel cell and promising to slash hho fuel cell fuel bill by improving your mileage, or maybe even completely eliminating the need to buy gasoline at all.

Perhaps the most prevalent of these systems is the HHO hydrogen generator system that is being pitched by numerous different individuals and small companies.

Aardvark Daily

Connect one of these "fuel cells" up to your car's electrical system, fill it with water and run a pipe to your car's air intake and voila Sounds almost too good to hho fuel cell true doesn't it?

And what is it they say about things that sound too good to be true?

Let's take a closer look at those HHO "hydrogen fuel cells". Hho fuel cell are actually nothing more than a simple electrolysis device that uses electricity to split water into its constituent components -- two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

There is nothing magical about this, it's a process that's been around for a very long time. The gases generated by the electrolysis of water sometimes referred to as Brown's Gas can be recombined by way of combustion to release energy.

Unfortunately, the first law of thermodynamics states quite clearly that the energy generated by recombining the hydrogen and oxygen through combustion can only hho fuel cell be equal to the amount of energy it took to separate them. In fact it's worse than that.

Because there all sorts of losses involved in the generation of the electricity, the delivery of it to the electrolysis hho fuel cell and then the combustion process, we actually recover far less energy from burning the hho fuel cell than it took to create it.

As usual in the wonderful world of physics, there are no free lunches.

Do HHO systems actually work? | HowStuffWorks

But a little scientific fact is not about to stand in the way of those who think they can make money from the current energy crisis.

They still insist you can increase your gas mileage by sucking power from your alternator and using it to create hydrogen. Hho fuel cell would you buy anything be it plans, instructions or ready-built kits from someone hho fuel cell has not the faintest grasp of basic science?


Here's a typical scam site that makes outrageous claims you'll hho fuel cell your hho fuel cell and "generate free energy". Of course they work hard tug on your heartstrings and feelings of guilt by claiming that you'll also be saving the planet. Well I'm sorry but this is nothing but a bunch of lies.

Nobody has yet broken the first law of thermodynamics and there's no sign that anyone will. These laws are immutable and have withstood the test of time and many, many brilliant scientific minds.

But what about all these glowing testimonials?