In 19th-century Tacubaya, the daughter (Mapy Cortés) of a French pastry maker is to marry the mayor of the town (Domingo Soler), but her heart is said to be. Find LA GUERRA DE LOS PASTELES , MEXICO DE MIS AMORES, MINA VIENTO DE LIBERTAD 3 EN 1 at Movies & TV, home of thousands. Go Man Go!, Mexico City Picture: Exconvento de San Francisco y la Guerra de los Pasteles - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos and videos.


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It was at this point that the Pastry War left its single significant mark on Mexican history. Although it was a defeat for Mexico, for guerra de los pasteles man it was a victory.

Almost immediately he had established a pattern of retiring from office in favor of his vice president, returning when he saw fit to do so. Inhe led an guerra de los pasteles across the Rio Grande to quell a rebellion that sought independence for Texas, then a part of Mexico.

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While he had captured the Alamo, he was soon defeated and taken prisoner. Somehow he managed to arrange to meet the American president, Andrew Jackson.


Strangely, enroute to Washington, he was greeted as a celebrity by the anti-slavery movement since they viewed the events in Texas as an effort by the guerra de los pasteles states to improve their position.

Because he was still legally the President of Mexico, Santa Anna managed to secure his freedom by agreeing to recognize the independence of Texas if he were permitted to consult the Mexican Congress.

Once again in Mexico, he did not resume the presidency nor consult the Congress but retreated into retirement.


Since the revenue from the customs duties that had been cut off by the blockade was the chief source of income for the government, it did not seem a good time to take back the reins of the nearly bankrupt country.

Added to this, his negotiations with the Americans that led to the loss of Texas were questionable. For all practical purposes, Santa Anna was politically dead.

guerra de los pasteles


Although Gomez Farias, Santa Anna's vice-president was supposedly in charge of guerra de los pasteles country during Santa Anna's foray into Texas, Anastasio Bustamante had been elected president and had appointed a General Rincon to lead the battle against the French. But with the sound of the first French gun, Santa Anna rushed to Vera Cruz and placed himself under Rincon, who accepted him readily.

Now Santa Anna recommended a withdrawal from the beleaguered fort and the resumptions of negotiations. At this point Bustamante appointed Santa Anna to take guerra de los pasteles and attack the French.

Attack he did and succeeded in briefly stopping the French landing force. He then sought to seize the pier being used for the landings.

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At this point a volley of French cannon fire hit Santa Anna and he lost his leg. Forced to retreat from the city, he still claimed a victory.

Melodramatically, he issued a statement in which he claimed to have come to his end, begging to be buried on the site to which he had retreated, and asked only to be granted the title of "The Good Mexican.

Now, he was to go on to regain the Presidency and despite periodic retirements and exiles remained the dominant figure in Mexican politics until Remontel demanded 60, pesos guerra de los pasteles reparations for the damage his shop was valued guerra de los pasteles less than 1, pesos.

French forces captured Veracruz by December and Mexico declared war on France. Fearing that France would blockade the Republic's ports as well, a battalion of Texan forces began patrolling Corpus Christi Bay to stop Mexican smugglers.

‎La guerra de los pasteles directed by Emilio Gómez Muriel • Film + cast • Letterboxd

One smuggling party abandoned their cargo of about a hundred barrels of flour on the beach at the mouth of the bay, thus giving Flour Bluff its name.

He guerra de los pasteles his services to the government, which ordered him to fight the French by any means necessary. He led Mexican forces against the French. In a skirmish with the rear guard of the French, Santa Anna was wounded in the leg by French grapeshot.

His leg was amputated and buried with full military honors. Peace restored[ edit ] The French forces withdrew on 9 March after a peace treaty was signed.