The Statute was approved by the Catalan Parliament on 30 , the Spanish Congress on March and ratified by a majority vote in a. Draft reform of the Estatut approved in Catalonia by popular referendum on the 18th June Organic Act 6/, on the Reform of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, sanctioned by His Majesty King Juan Carlos I on the 19th July August - Reformed version of Catalonia's autonomy statute comes into force, giving the regional government greater powers and financial.


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Regional parliament votes to ban bullfighting, making Catalonia the first region of mainland Spain to do so.

Catalonia profile - Timeline - BBC News

Both support estatut catalonia 2006 but the ERC opposes the Catalan government's spending cuts. Both parties support holding a referendum on secession from Spain in Spain's constitutional court suspends the plans, saying it needs time to consider the vote's constitutionality.


About two million out of 5. Collision course September - Separatist parties win the regional election, which they say gives them a mandate to push for independence.

Catalan conundrum | World news | The Guardian

The central government in Madrid takes charges and imposes direct rule. After estatut catalonia 2006 the proposal drafted by the Catalan regional parliament, on November 2, the Estatut catalonia 2006 Congress of Deputies approved the admission to formality of the Proposal for reform of the new Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia with the support of all the groups except the People's Party PP.

The latter filed an objection of unconstitutionality before the Constitutional Court of Spainwhich ruled unconstitutional 14 articles [5] of the original text.

Estatut catalonia 2006 May 10,the amended text [6] passed through its final reading through both Houses of the Parliamentwith the support of all parties except both the Spanish main opposition party, the conservative People's Party, and the Catalan separatist party Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya.

The latter voted against the project estatut catalonia 2006 the Spanish Congress of Deputies but abstained in the Senate to avoid a blocking vote. ERC voted against it—despite its senior members having had a hand in drafting its content—as a result of the internal tensions within the party which this issue had brought to the surface.


Later on both parties, for estatut catalonia 2006 reasons, supported a no vote in the referendum held afterwards regarding the passing of the new Statute. The president of CataloniaPasqual Maragalldecided that Sunday June 18 would be the date on which the text would be put to the Catalan people in the form of a referendum.

Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia

Voter turnout was The new Statute has been in estatut catalonia 2006 since August 9, Data[ edit ] The referendum on the Statute of Autonomy registered a voter turnout of Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verds' IC-V, ecosocialists officials agreed on the demonstration and proposed the holding of a referendum on the altered Statute.

Catalonia's Popular Party PP, conservative Spanish nationalists expressed satisfaction over the court's decision. We estatut catalonia 2006 a nation". Barca's left-wing hero and nationalist author, Oleguer Presas, details in his book, The Road to Ithaca, that when "Barcelona win the league, we become the Army of Joy travelling up the Diagonal [the city's main thoroughfare] in the other direction [to Franco's troops in ]".

Once the Champions League euphoria died down, Catalans returned to the other issue that has dominated the local media recently - the June 18 referendum on updating the region's constitution or "estatut". Each region negotiated its own deal after Franco's death in Those with a sizeable minority calling for independence, such as the Basques and Catalans, estatut catalonia 2006 recognition of their historic nationalities and have since estatut catalonia 2006 to secure further concessions on devolution.

The Catalan votes Mr Zapatero secured, as well as the PP's disastrous handling of the Madrid bombings, were crucial to his surprise election win.