The Caledonia, West 17th St.: As the very first luxury condominium built along the High Line, The Caledonia not only boasts luxurious homes with Listings‎: ‎6 active sales ($2, per ft² avg. Equinox High Line 10th Ave., New York, NY at 17th St. mon - thurs: am - pm. fri: am - pm. sat + sun: am - pm. View Store. Equinox has entered well into its second decade of serving regional and seasonal cuisine in downtown DC. Location. Connecticut Avenue, NW.


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Caledonia, West 17th Street, NYC - Condo Apartments | CityRealty

Ally Mann August 4, Relatively empty on weekday mornings. Great juice bar inside too.

Brian June 24, Excellent gym in an excellent location. Upvoted Aug 8 Patrick Leung Equinox 17th street 1, Both the lower and upper rooms don't have a lot of classes in the mornings.

Equinox Highline

Awesome perks and amenities, but not a super ideal place to equinox 17th street serious athletic training but neither are most city gyms. You can deadlift here too. Awesome perks and amenities, but not a super ideal place to do serious athletic training but neither are most city gyms.

You can deadlift here too. Rarely crowded, nice bi-level facilities and great classes.

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Cellucor January 25, After eating right and getting in a equinox 17th street workout, be sure that you optimize results by getting a good night's rest! Simply, the importance of sleep cannot be overstated!


Its so much fun and relaxing w equinox 17th street teachers and crowd! The gym quality is pretty high, but so many of the men that work out there are total slobs and inconsiderate.

Equinox Highline

Dirty towels everywhere, dirty clothes and shoes all over the floor while they go and shower, everyone with their phones out.

Equinox 17th street also pretty common for the employees to take over parts of the locker room. Facilities seem fine, but exceptionally crowded with no real way of walking equinox 17th street the floor. First Equinox I tried operative word: Since I've never needed one at Equinox, I don't carry a lock.

Without lock, I couldn't stay -- nor will I be back.

Live Security and Surveillance Camera for Equinox Management and Construction Project Luna on Pine

I signed up yesterday and have never had a more equinox 17th street process, there was no "pretending" to call Managers for the best discount or rate, Jessica in client sales was fabulous, genuinely cared about what I wanted to achieve, and gave me an in depth look at equinox 17th street the gym has to offer.

I've been a member of Equinox in the past, but never been treated so kindly in a gym membership setting, off to a great start.

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This equinox 17th street Equinox is decent. However this location shines it's best, sadly enough, in the bathroom, locker room equinox 17th street steam room. The locker room isn't cramped at all and steam rooms are the best of any equinox I've been to.

The floor space, as noted from other reviewers, is awkward for any number of reasons. The first floor is wasted with retail space, membership offices and a lounge area so the whole gym is located in a basement.

I figure we all live in Nyc so appreciating a view between sets or a glimpse of nature is a nice thing. Most people won't care about this, but this is one of the few Eq's with a straight bar for equinox 17th street ups, chin ups, muscle ups etc.