This presentation on the applications of embedded systems in automobiles focusses on the two most prevalent and sought about technologies-. Embedded Systems in Automobiles. By: Craig Delzangle. Roadmap. What is an embedded system? The beginning; Electronic Control Unit; Other modules; The. A Technical Seminar on Embedded System in Automobile By ABHISHEK SUTRAVE (1RN05EC) RNS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.


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Moreover, with the government support and a special focus on exports of two and three wheelers, small cars, auto components and multi-utility vehicles, the automobile industry produced 1. In Februarythe industry produced 1.

Embedded Systems In Automobiles

Government proposals The budget of added some incentives to the automobile industries to give relief. The excise duty that has got decreased till June 30, is as follows: Major Investments The German auto maker Volkswagen is planning to enlarge production capacity and introduce a new model.

To set up embedded systems in automobiles diesel engine manufacturing facility, the group is planning to invest around Rs. Infosys has signed a contract with the Volvo cars to provide application development services.

Piaggio vehicles is planning to assemble its super bikes locally and to sell them under the brand Aprilia. Automobiles industry Embedded Systems in Automobiles In automotive systems more and more equipments are being changed from the mechanical systems to electronic embedded systems in automobiles.


embedded systems in automobiles The revolution of electronics has manipulated in automotive design including the fuel combustion, power train crash protection, etc. Advanced usage of embedded system in vehicle can help in controlling the pollution, increasing the facility to provide systems monitoring features that consumers demand.

Today a typical vehicle contains around 25 to 35 microcontrollers, and some luxury vehicles contain approximately 60 to 70 microcontrollers per vehicle.


Today, a typical automobile on the road has computer controlled electronic systems, and the embedded systems in automobiles commonly used embedded systems in a vehicle include Airbags, anti-lock braking system, black box, adaptive cruise control, drive by wire, satellite radio, telematics, emission control, traction control, automatic parkingin-vehicle entertainment systems, night vision, heads up display, back up collision sensors, navigational systems, tyre pressure monitor, climate control, etc.

Embedded System in Automobiles 1. Embedded Airbag System The below figure shows an embedded airbag system — an important safety device that provides extra protection against head-on crash — for the front embedded systems in automobiles occupants.

Embedded Systems Role in Automobiles with Applications

This System works on the commands from the microcontroller. The controller of this system gets the power from the battery.

  • Embedded Systems Applications in Automobiles industry
  • Embedded Systems Applications in Automobiles industry
  • Embedded Systems Role in Automobiles with Applications
  • Embedded Systems’ Applications

If the sensors detect accident, this microcontroller operates the airbag system by operating alternator. Embedded Navigation System Another advancement of the embedded system in automobiles is the navigational system using GPS system.

This navigational system consists of an embedded circuitry built with a GPS receiver, a gyroscope, a DVD-ROM, main controller and a display system as shown in the figure. The GPS embedded systems in automobiles receives the current longitude and latitude values that are embedded systems in automobiles with the stored map.

The Gyroscope and other sensors provide the road direction and speed. From all the information gathered at the main controller, the display system displays a navigation or route map of the destination in the display screen.

It measures the weight of the passenger to determine if the corresponding airbag should deploy. Ina new type of occupant detection system called electrostatic capacitance sensor was implemented.