The EPUB Table of Contents (TOC) is a component in the EPUB file with the technical name of Navigation Control file for XML or NCX. Lulu_Content1 Reader Now that you know about the technology, we will simply refer to the NCX file as the EPUB Table of Contents (TOC) from this point forward. EPUB is an e-book file format that has the "epub" filename extension. EPUB files can be read using complying software on devices such as .. The NCX file (Navigation Control file for XML), traditionally named , contains the navPoint 's content element points to a content document listed in the manifest and can also. Or read your own (DRM-free) books in the supported formats: EPUB, MOBI, FB2, HTML and The program offers customisable controls, fonts and colours, plus.


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XHTML Content Documents also include the means of annotating document markup with rich metadata, making them more semantically meaningful and useful both for processing and accessibility purposes Semantic Inflection [ContentDocs30].


Rendering and CSS Content presentation should adapt to the Control point epub software rather than the User having to adapt to a particular presentation of content.

CSS3 properties were selected based on their current level of support in Web browsers.

EPUB - Wikipedia

The container file is very small, but its structural requirements are strict. These topics are not covered in this tutorial.

See the OCF specification for more information. The mimetype control point epub software container files are the only two whose location in the EPUB archive are strictly controlled. As recommended although not requiredstore the remaining files in the EPUB in a sub-directory.

The following section of this tutorial covers the files that go into OEBPS—the real meat of the digital book: Open Packaging Format metadata file Control point epub software this file can be named anything, the OPF file is conventionally called content.

Build a digital book with EPUB

It specifies the location of all the content of the book, from its text to other media such as images. Metadata Dublin Core defines a set of common metadata terms that you can use to describe a wide variety of digital materials; it's not part of the EPUB specification itself.

Any of these terms control point epub software allowed in the OPF metadata section. When you build an EPUB for distribution, include as much detail as you can here, although the extract provided in Control point epub software 4 is sufficient to start. Extract of OPF metadata The two required terms are title and identifier.

According to the EPUB specification, the identifier must be a unique value, although it's up to the digital book creator to define that unique value.

EPUB Conversion: EPUB Table of Contents (NCX) Preparation — Lulu Community

Note that control point epub software value of the attribute unique-identifier must match the ID attribute of the dc: Other metadata to consider adding, if it's relevant to your content, include: Publication date as dc: This can be your company or individual name.

Copyright information as dc: Including a meta element with the name attribute containing cover is not part of the EPUB specification directly, but is a recommended way to make cover pages and images more portable. This example shows both forms.


There is no set pagination with a standard eBook because the number of words displayed per page can change based on user settings and the screen size of the particular device.

Most eBooks are standard ePUB format.

This format is ideal for text-based books and books with small images embedded amongst the text which essentially creates paragraph breaks. If you want to publish one of these kinds of books, fixed layout may be the better solution, since it preserves the qualities control point epub software the printed page.

To put it plainly, the pages of a fixed layout eBook are… fixed!

Content images, text, etc. Fixed layout is like the digital version of typesetting; you can embed fonts and choose the exact placement of visual elements.


The benefit of fixed layout is that YOU are in complete control of the experience. The drawback is that readers are NOT!

The focus of this article is eBook creation and not just conversion of eBooks from one format to another.