POISON. by Chris Wooding. Age Range: 13 & up. BUY NOW FROM Foxglove chose Poison to spite her stepmother—an indication of the. Lyn Gardner explains why you should not judge Chris Wooding's Poison by its cover. Smart and sassy Poison, the eponymous year-old heroine of Wooding's (The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray) dark fantasy is told, "Some of us.


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Poison, a book by Chris Wooding | Book review

The Hierophant's beautiful wife and Mistress of the Aeriads. She later betrays Melcheron and becomes Scriddle's lover as he attempts to take the role of Hierophant. Settings[ edit ] The 'Poison' universe is divided into different realms based on the ruling species of that particular realm.

The novel begins in the Realm of Man and proceeds through the various locations. Realm of Chris wooding poison edit ] Gull[ edit ] Deep in the heart of the Black Marshes was the village of Gull, which was built on stilts, with chris wooding poison multitude of interlinked wooden platforms that sprawled over a murky and weed choked lake, dodging between enormous corkscrew trees and grassy landbars that bulked out of browny-grey water.


Sometimes chris wooding poison water would engulf the landbars and rise to the high level of the stilted houses and at times the water level became so low you could almost see the dangerous monsters that lurked in the water below, waiting to jump and snatch the unwary.

In the Black Marshes, life was a precarious thing, and misfortune viewed by chris wooding poison inhabitants and inevitable.

Shieldtown[ edit ] Shieldtown is a bustling hub-city home to all sorts of people from the elites to the slum lords. It is the home of Lamprey.

POISON by Chris Wooding | Kirkus Reviews

Here, the evenings are long and drawn out while chris wooding poison ends within chris wooding poison hour. Book published by Scholastic in I stumbled across Poison early in high school, and I loved it so much I went on to read whatever other works of Chris Wooding that I could get my hands on.

For years I remembered Poison to be this incredible, fascinating novel, so when I picked it up again as an adult I was a little apprehensive.


But I loved it just as much, if not more, than the first time I read chris wooding poison. Powell's Smart and sassy Poison, the eponymous year-old heroine of Wooding's The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray dark fantasy is told, "Some of chris wooding poison are born in the right place, and some of us have to go look for it.

His latest, a gothic anti-fairytale with Pirandellian touches, is similarly slippery, a once-upon-a-time story with no guaranteed happy endings.

Indeed, perhaps no real ending at all, because for its teenage heroine, Poison, as for all chris wooding poison us, her story will go on and on until she dies. Also, she is blind and deaf and gets pushed into the same pot. There are many archetypes in the book. Things like stepmother who fights with her stepdaughter, the heroine chris wooding poison has to perform a task in order to gain something, and people who can paralyze with their eyes are examples of archetypes from Poison.

Chris wooding poison are a major theme in Poison. To do so she has to enter a world where humans are the lowest form of vermin, where a murderous pantheon of demigods plot and scheme to overthrow one another, and where someone is planning to do away with humankind altogether.