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Although falling is clearly a avon catalog 2014 november and serious problem among individuals with LLL [ 8 ], very little is known regarding the challenges and mechanisms underlying deficits in balance control among individuals with LLL [ 9 ].

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To date, research investigating postural balance control in individuals with LLL has generally been limited to unperturbed standing [ 110 ].

These posturography studies have revealed increases in measures of postural sway including center of pressure velocity and displacement compared avon catalog 2014 november age-matched controls [ 11 — 16 ].


These differences in postural sway are influenced by age [ 1417 ], cause of limb loss [ 14 ], residual limb length [ 18 ], level of limb loss [ 1115 ], and time since limb loss [ 19 ], but not prosthetic alignment [ 1620 ].

Additionally, the intact leg may contribute substantially more to maintaining static postural stability than the prosthetic leg [ 21 avon catalog 2014 november.

In contrast to unperturbed standing balance, dynamic postural balance in response to internal or avon catalog 2014 november perturbations has received much less attention among individuals with LLL, despite offering several advantages to other means of balance assessment [ 22 ].

They found that individuals with TTLL exhibited asymmetry in anticipatory changes of background muscle activity.

These responses were much larger on the intact side of the body, and frequently absent on the side affected by limb loss [ 23 ]. In response to external perturbations, individuals with unilateral TTLL exhibit delayed muscle responses in both the intact and prosthetic leg [ 24 ], as well as greater avon catalog 2014 november on the intact versus prosthetic leg to generate corrective responses i.

CoP displacement, ankle torque [ 25 — 27 ].

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In these prior studies, perturbations were often limited to the sagittal plane [ 924 — 26 ]. Sagittal plane perturbations load avon catalog 2014 november legs, allowing participants to compensate for sensorimotor impairment in one leg by using the contralateral leg more.

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Avon catalog 2014 november balance control is also known to present greater fall risk [ 2829 ], impose greater processing demands on the central nervous system [ 30 ], and be particularly challenging to individuals with LLL [ 31 ].

Furthermore, stance width [ 25 ], perturbation parameters [ 26 ], and cause of limb loss [ 925 — 27 ], features known to influence postural responses [ 143233 ], were not standardized across subjects in previous studies. Have you tried Avon makeup? Great avon catalog 2014 november sensitive skin.


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