Ukrainian novelist Andrey Kurkov reflects on the Russian takeover of the Crimea in this extract from Ukraine Diaries. About Andrey Kurkov: Andreĭ Kurkov, Ukrainian writer writing in Russian. He was born in small town Budogoszcz in Leningrad area, Russia, but his family m. Andrey Kurkov was born in St. Petersburg in and now lives in Kiev. He worked for some time as a journalist, did his military service as a prison warden.


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You can live here for a long time, happy and comfortable.

But, little by little, I came to the conclusion that it was still too early for Russia andrey kurkov show such scenes andrey kurkov television.

But as for Russian soldiers entering Crimea as liberators against the Ukrainian menace, there are, officially, none.

Andrey Kurkov | Penguin Random House

Knowing how Russian television works, I am convinced that such scenes have already been shot and edited, ready to be broadcast when the moment comes, showing the world how these liberators andrey kurkov Crimea while women holding babies hugged and kissed them, watched over by serious-looking old men who let a single tear of joy roll down andrey kurkov cheeks, young kids charging either side of the lines of Russian soldiers, attempting to march in time with those brave heroes.

Andrey kurkov all that is still to come.

In the meantime, we — citizens of Ukraine — try to understand how it is that this country, heir to the Soviet Union that vanquished fascism in Europe incould have taken the path to fascism itself, exploiting not only propagandist lies worthy of Goebbels but its own fascistic groups: Anyone who has studied the history of Andrey kurkov before the Second World War knows this scenario all too well.

Andrey kurkov this time Russia has not been able to — and will not be able to — find another Ribbentrop and another Molotov to conclude a new pact prepared by andrey kurkov Kremlin.

Ukraine Diaries by Andrey Kurkov

This time round, Europe and Russia have switched places. Simultaneously, patriotism in Russian society has been elevated to the point where it can easily turn to chauvinism. Twist it a little further and andrey kurkov next product of this approach will be simple fascism, and all those Russian schoolkids, brought up glorifying the cult of the great victory ofwill become utterly confused watching the brave Russian fascists protecting Crimea — andrey kurkov possibly even, God forbid, other parts of Ukraine — from all that is Ukrainian.


I have a feeling the hundred Russian writers who signed a letter in support of President Putin will be prepared andrey kurkov postpone their literary projects in order to write new history books explaining to children that Russian fascism is good but that all other kinds of fascism are very bad.

Black humour helped him through the decades he lived under the Soviet regime and during the chaos that came after, he told the audience at the University of Hong Kong on April I told them I was still an optimist. Like all satire, the jokes stop being funny when they start to resemble real life.

Kurkov andrey kurkov have felt like the fictional Viktor when the news started to sound like happenings in his novels.

Andrey Kurkov

He also wrote about Russia turning off its gas supply to Andrey kurkov before it actually happened. So does he feel his works are prophesies and does he see himself as an oracle?


Neither, he tells the South China Morning Post. It was during this period that Andrey kurkov wrote all of his children's stories. Kurkov's first novel was published two weeks before the fall of the Soviet Unionand in the ensuing social and political turmoil he made the first steps towards self-publishing and distribution.

Borrowing money from friends to fund his work andrey kurkov managed to publish independently.