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Unlike its immediate predecessor, which was an un-themed action pack, AP11 does have a theme: Thunderbird Packfeaturing the 45th Infantry Division.

action pack 11 One of the reasons why a unit study on the 29th Infantry Division by somebody somewhere was almost inevitable is because it is the only U.

Thus a lot of source material is extremely accessible to would-be designers. Six of the 10 scenarios of AP11 are set in Normandy and a further three are set in Brittany. Themed scenario packs are always a mixed bag for ASLers, in that they action pack 11 wonderful, magical releases if the theme appeals to the purchaser, but rather meh for those to whom it does not.

Action Pack 11 - Advanced Squad Leader

So invariably action pack 11 will be some ASLers who will not care for the theme. However, the chosen theme is nice in that it covers a normal infantry unit in World War II, rather than some glitzy and over-covered elite unit, action pack 11 an airborne division or an SS panzer division or a Marine division.

One can, however, address the utility of these boards. Each time MMP releases a board, the entire worldwide coterie of ASL scenario designers holds its collective breath to see whether or not it will action pack 11 exciting or new and how much additional utility or variety it will add to the system.

Will the designers release their breath in an angry argh, with a slightly bored sigh or in rapturous ecstasy? With AP11, it may be a bit closer to a sigh, but nowhere near an argh. Of the two boards, it is board 72 which offers the bettert addition to the system.


The dominant feature of the board is a board-length stream, presenting a nice water action pack 11 option for scenario designers.

On one side of the stream woods predominate; on the other side there is a mix of farmland and buildings, with a smallish one-level hill.

The buildings, unfortunately, are a bit too numerous and big to easily translate the board into PTO; otherwise, it would have action pack 11 utility. Still, it is a useful addition to the system.

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Board 71, on the other hand, is another small village board. For a long time in ASL scenario design-dom, those Dark Ages when boards were action pack 11 that designers had to work with, there was frustration at the limited number of boards that could be used for village action pack 11 action, and the small number of compatible boards often tended to be overused.

However, in recent years there have been a wealth of new official ASL geoboards that have greatly added to the stock of village boards, including Boards 53, 56, 57, 59, 63, 65, 67, 70, p, q, s, u, y, 1a, 2a, 3a, and 5a.

Action Pack # 29 Let’s Go! — Desperation Morale

As a consequence, the value action pack 11 Board 71 adds to the ASL board collection is limited. One of the reasons the board may be in the Action Pack has to do with the way that Action Packs are put together. Except for the oddball Few Returnedwhich was not originally designed as an Action Pack but later converted into one, every scenario in every Action Pack uses at action pack 11 one of the boards included in that pack.

Because of this, the designers may have thought it was necessary to include another village board in the pack, regardless of its contribution to the overall ASL board oeuvre.

Action Pack 11

AP11 also comes with a sheet of three overlays. The first overlay is OB1 Open Beach 1? This is cumbersome and irritating. OB1, which provides a beach area with action pack 11 a single, reasonably-sized overlay, is a convenience that players will appreciate.

The only problem with it is that it is very scenario-specific, being designed for action pack 11 single scenario, the sole amphibious landing scenario in AP11, AP When I Call Roll.


Its narrow nature means that it cannot easily be used for other amphibious landing situations, because few such scenarios action pack 11 likely to require such a narrow beach. Overlay X30 is also fairly specific but does have enough potential for use to justify its existence.

A lot of actions in World War II centered around fights for old forts and fortresses; X30 can help designers represent some of the smallest of these. The other scenario provides the overlay with fortified hexes and protection from action pack 11 and WP attacks.

The third overlay, St4, is a small aquatic overlay basically designed to transition a river into a stream.